1. one of my paper making projects. after pulling a cotton paper, i did some mix colour stenciling then added some thread embellishing. my sister said it looks like balloons. haha
2. the cat i really want to adopt. just look at her colour patterns! absolutely stunning! (visited the animal shelter today)
3. 4. in the kitten house :-3
5. 6. 7. some of the adult cats. they're all so friendly!
8. 9. very pretty house i saw on my walk to school

ps: im finally in a relationship! it's been only a month now, but i'm very happy. i have always been the single one in my group of friends, so i feel very fortunate and lucky that someone likes and wants me in a romantic way. it's a special feeling i've almost forgotten about, but now i can't stop smiling...
♥ ♥ ♥