We Got To Pray

photo by Jackie Ambrose

Make no mistake hidden agendas are driving the violent inducing images and barbaric atmosphere that is prominent and prevailing today. The cultivating of the "domestic chaos" mind set, that will ultimately lead to riots and death will not cease. The revenues generated from the fueling and fanning of these flames of hate and division has become a billion dollar business.

Protect the mind and soul of your wife, kids and family. Explain to them that the men who operate as political commentators are the "Real Gangster Rappers", they say things to shock you, get a reaction out of you and poison your mind. They could careless about the damage being done to the psyche of the country, it's not enough that there is rampant unemployment, home foreclosures and no health care system in place, they are kicking you while you are perceived as down by taunting you to hate, fight and then.....

We need Peace. We cannot stop the flow of this deadly rhetoric that will cause our country to burn for Seven Days straight with untold riots and death, we can only Pray for Gods Mercy.