Chat on Translator Toolkit

Collaboration is an important part of translation. Whether you work with editors to translate documents, customers to clarify terms or project managers to meet deadlines, working with other translators is key to making high-quality translations. Today, we’re making it easier to collaborate on translations with the release of chat in Translator Toolkit.

Just like chat in Gmail, you can send instant messages to colleagues, friends, family and groups directly from within Translator Toolkit. All the features and settings of chat are the same as what you're used to, including going on the record to save your translation chats in Gmail. If you don’t want to be interrupted as you work on a translation, you can simply go invisible or turn off chat through the Translator Toolkit settings.

In addition to chat, we’ve made a few other updates that should make your translation work speedier. You can now change your display language and set the toolkit tabs to open or close by default. And we’ve expanded our entries in the dictionary tab, including useful information like parts of speech and alternate definitions. For example, if you're translating the word cancer into Chinese, you will find alternate translations for cancer as a disease and cancer as a quickly-spreading danger so you can find just the right word for your translation:

Check out these improvements now in Translator Toolkit. We'd love to hear what you think.