i just wanted to share this couple with you. they are my friends, friends Ren and Lina. how beautiful can they get? and can you just image what their children would look like!

below are some random photos of my room. i put up all my polaroids from Japan on the wall!

i think i got bit by the cooking bug! i am having so much fun lately cooking: todays lunch was radish sprouts, over easy eggs, ham, on top of saimin (Hawaii's version of ramen), with some rakkyo zuke (pickled scallions) and daikon kim chee! おいしかった!

these last two photos of me i just recently found. i thought it was funny how different i look. the first one was when i was in Japan, i was 17 years old...compared to a relatively recent photo of me.

it's so crazy how fast these years are passing us... i can't believe i turn 23 next week!