it's my birthday!

(i also want to wish a big happy birthday to some other blog friends who share this special day with me! Oly, Oh Hello There, and Hikisans brother are also born on 1 March!)

i am having the most amazing birthday ever! i spent the afternoon with myself, and something magical happened!!! first i went to Aloha Rag and treated myself with this cute tote bag. then i went to Kahala beach and enjoyed my own company with a can of Sapporo beer. everything was drenched in sunlight, the wind was healing, the water was a crystal blue, and i had the beach completely to myself.
...then something AMAZING happened:
as i was listening to "tomorrow sorrow" by Blake Miller, and all the elements hitting me so perfectly, i suddenly became overwhelmed with intense happiness, calmness, and beauty, i began to cry. as i was crying, a pure white dove flew my way and landed right in front of was my fathers spirit! i could not believe it, the universe stopped in that moment. his presence filled me and everything else around me. he stood in front of me for 5 minutes until i stopped crying. then i closed my eyes and felt the most peace i have ever felt in my life. when i opened my eyes, he flew away.
it was the most spiritual thing that ever happened to me in a long time. i can't really explain how beautiful and perfect it was. almost as if my soul was floating in everything around me.
i could not have asked for a better birthday gift.

tonight, we're having a family dinner for me. the main course: CRAB! i am so excited to eat!