BLAST24: News : Move On Up

Elevate your minds People. Lets go higher Family. The people are being manipulated by men of influence for economic gain. What's sad is that they don't even realize it. Cruelty to humanity is considered less of an offense than cruelty towards animals. Yet we are now on the nightly news fighting like dogs for our political owners who communicate their wishes in subliminal and overt messages. I was here for the riots of the 60's, the violent protest of the 70's, the crack infestation and devastation of the 80's and the LA riots of the ninety's but what is being driven ( hate, division, fear) into the hearts and minds of the people today via political commentators for filthy lucre is polarizing and reeks of a heavy darkness. I Pray we cast aside these weights and elevate our minds and Move On Up or suffer with bloodshed being the end result, while the Worshippers of the Golden Calf increase their net worth and pop champagne at the Peoples Expense while they plot and calculate the value of our next fight in the pits.